About Us

Sansong logistics equipment (zhejiang) co., LTD. Is a korean-owned enterprise specializing in the design and production of caster and logistics equipment. Headquartered in incheon, Korea, sansong has 36 years of caster production history and has 4 sales companies in the United States. At present, it has produced more than 20 series and more than 1000 casters of different specifications. It is widely used in the fields of medical treatment, industry and mining, automobile manufacturing, supermarket, storage, etc. In addition, it has also developed various industrial appliances of logistics platform and automobile industry, and its products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asian countries and regions.
  • 36 36 years of caster production history
  • 1000 More than 1000 different specifications of caster products
  • 20 More than 20 series have been produced
  • 4 Have four sales companies in the United States

Honorary certificate

corporate culture

  • Mission

    Tiny casters can change the world
    Contribute to human comfort

  • Expectation of 2020
    • Smart Samsong Flying in the World

      • Sales of $10 million
      • Enter new businesses and overseas markets
      • Building smart factories
      • Production of high value-added products
      • Create the best caster brand
    • Happy Samsong staff

      • In terms of comfortable working conditions and benefits
      • Invest in talent
      • Respect and caring organizational culture
      • Companies that support loving families
      • Complete the goal of overseas training